The organization behind LearnFrisian

The Frisian World
This young organization with young Frisian folks thinks it’s weighty to recover, save and promote the Frisian language in all kinds of ways. We are trying to show folks Frisian’s most beautiful side. How are we doing that?

We have built to give people a chance to learn our amazing language for free. Not only ‘our Frisian’, also Old Frisian, Sater Frisian and Solring (North Frisian). LearnFrisian is a simple program with a level and point system, which can be quite fun.

The Online Frisian Wordbook
This wordbook or dictionary is easy to use. The wordbook has thousands of Frisians words for you to check out.

Frisian Apps
Next to our websites we also have two Frisian apps running; The LearnFrisian App and The Frisianwordbook App, these apps are based on and
These apps are only available in the Google App store.

De Fryske Wrâld
An online Frisian game that makes learning Frisian fun and adventurous.

In our store we are selling several English-Frisians books to make people fall in love with our amazing language.