The organization behind LearnFrisian

Why The Frisian World?
After LearnFrisian was “created”, the makers got deeper in the “Frisian hole” and found out that many Frisians organizations, which should be fighting the Frisian fight, are not fighting the Frisian fight, but rather go for the money or their ego. The Frisian World doesn’t want to do that. We actually want to do something about the Frisian situation. We try to save and protect the Frisian identity, history and of course the language.

We build to give people a chance to learn our amazing language for free. Not only ‘our Frisian’, also Old Frisian, Sater Frisian and Solring. LearnFrisian is a simple program with a level and point system, which can be quite fun. We’re using advertisements to compensate for the cost.

The Online Frisian Wordbook
This wordbook or dictionary is easy to use. The wordbook will allow you to find thousands of Frisian words by typing in English or just Frisian words.
Also with audio soon.

The Frisian World Game
Probably the first real online Frisian browser game. The idea was to create a mytical Frisian world with some old Frisian legends. You will learn Frisian while playing the game. You can play this game for free on

Future goals
– We will keep expanding LearnFrisian.
– Frisian documentaries.
– More Frisian materials and content.
– Frisian newspaper.
– Frisian TV.