“Frisian Gods”

Frisian gods? What? Yes, Frisian gods. Frisian mythology goes much further than you think. Let’s show it to you.

Weda (Wotan/Wodan/Woden/Odin)
This is where Woansdei (Wednesday) comes from. It was the Alfather, god of wisdom, war, death and poetry.

The god they say the people came from.

Frija (Fro/Freyja)
Freed (Friday) is named after this goddess. It was the god love and marriage.

Tonger (Thor, Donar)
Tongersdei (Thursday) is named after him. He was the god of thunder and the weather.

Tyr (Tiwaz)
Tiisdei (Tuesday) is named after him. It was the god of war.

God of justice.

Often this god is compared with Tyr, the god of war. Saksnot was the god of the Saxons.

Weda de Alheit (Odin the Alfather)

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