“Frisians, tallest people in the world”

“Frisians, tallest people in the world”

You might have thought that folks from the Netherlands are the tallest in the world and that’s still true. But if you look at the Netherlands itself, you’ll see that the people in the north are the tallest. Also folks from Groningen (neighbour province of Friesland and ex-Frisian land) are one of the tallest. Frisians are on average 3 cm taller compared to other provinces in the Netherlands. Here are the numbers:

Friesland: 181, 96 cm
Groningen: 181,66 cm

Friesland: 168,6 cm
Groningen: 168, 39 cm

Some might heard of “Grutte Pier” (Big Pier). This was a Frisian warrior fighting for the Frisian freedom. He was just a tall as his sword:

213 centimeters

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