“Frisians were vikings”

“Frisians were vikings”

Most people only think about Norway, Sweden and Denmark when we’re talking about Vikings. But don’t forget about the Frisians. Yes the Frisians, they were there too.

Ubbu the Frisian, was one of the commanders of the Great Heathen Army, also known as The Great Viking army. This army was led by the sons of Ragnar Luthbrok. This situation is recreated in the series Vikings. In the series Ragnar Luthbrok got thrown in a pit with poisonous snakes (by a king in England) that killed him eventually. His sons wanted to have revenge (of course). They gathered different Vikings tribes which became The Great Viking Army and invaded England in 867.

Frisia had in that time had a long coastline. From Belgium to Denmark.

This is an Old Frisian text from the High Middle Ages:

“Alle Fresa er north herden ouer thet hef anda grimma herna and thet al hethen was, ther Fresena was” (Old-Frisian Emsinger Law)

“All Frisians once belonged to the North over the sea in the terrible corner and they were pagans, who were Frisian”

Frisians were once the best traders in northern Europe and with their strong ships they ruled over the entire North sea. They came to England to trade and sometimes to raid.

They might have been called the first vikings.

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